Road Transport

atea has its own specialized equipment and vehicles for handling and transportation of abnormal cargo including super heavy loads. Lately our equipment has performed several transports of reactors well over 600 tons in weight as well as columns of 10 meters in diameter and exceeding 60 meters in length. For such type of transport, very specialized tools and equipment are required such as reinforced flyover bridges or vehicles equipped with girder bridges.

atea also performs movements of harbour cranes within ports or positioning FAS of large components, which are then assembled in the port area because of their dimensions and /or weight which do not allow the transport by road.

atea is very much experienced concerning the transport of components for the power generation and power distribution industry (turbines, generators, transformers, etc.), having performed hundreds of transports for this industry in Europe.


Alternative load movements

Nowadays, the demand of higher output forces the manufacturers to build bigger and bigger units. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by servicing them when the units have to be transported from their work shops in origin to the final place of installation at the destination site. atea provides whatever adequate transport equipment might be necessary (mobile hydraulic gantry cranes, hydraulic jacks, and skidding tracks) in order to perform these movements to the industrial plants. atea especially provides solutions to move these very heavy and/or over-dimensional pieces when there is practically no access or insufficient space for adequate heavy cranes. atea also provide engineering solutions to find ways of making transports over very weak bridges viable, or to bring the equipment through rough terrain safe to its end destination.